The Miracle Behind Close Doors



Bible Reading: 2 Kings 4:5-7 “So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons, who  brought the vessels to her sons who brought the vessels to her, and she poured it out. Now it came to pass, when the vessels were full, that she said to her son, “Bring me another vessel” And he said to her, “There is not another vessel. So the oil ceased. Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, “Go, sell the oil and pay your debt; and you and your sons live on the rest.”

* This miracle and work of faith was not to be seen by outsiders!
* It may be that some of the neighbors from whom the vessels were borrowed, never quite.

I want you to believe that the same God who multiply the oil is still the same God He can take you out of that problem you are in today once you are ready to obey His instructions and do His will.

Prayer Bombs For Today

1. Thank God for everything
2. Ask Him to forgive you all your doubts and disobedient 
3. Every person or personality sent to steal my finance, I send you back empty-handed to your senders; for total destruction in Jesus’ name.
4. I break and destroy every stronghold over my financial increase in Jesus’ name.
5. The money I gave out to someone and it was used against me; I reject it and its effects in Jesus’ name.
6. I command money to locate me now in Jesus’ name.
7. I receive a hundred-fold restoration of my wasted finances in the name of Jesus Christ. 
8. Every imagination of the wicked concerning my finances, I destroy in Jesus’ name.
9. Every odd job or business designed to distract me from my God-destined financial exploits, I reject, in Jesus’ name.
10. I destroy from my life every seed of poverty and lack, in Jesus’ name.
11. I open every financial gate closed against me, by fire, in Jesus’ name.
12. I receive financial breakthrough in Jesus’ name.
13. Thank God for answers to your prayers.


War Against the Destiny Manipulators



Bible Reading: I KINGS 1:1-END

Adonijah, the son of David determined, desired and developed a well plan strategies to manipulate himself to the throne of his father which God and his father-David did not given to him.

In the process of manipulate himself, he has announced himself as a king, he have organised a party and celebration of coronation which he invites all people except Solomon, and the Prophet of his father that knew every things about the kingship. 1 kings 1:5-10.

Adonijah have started reign as a king when a Prophet of God counsel Solomon's mother what she should do in order to end the work of Manipulator called Adonijah. I too is advising you today what you must do in order to end the work and assignment of manipulator working against your life. 1 Kings 1:11-14.

Mind you, there are thousands of manipulators around you, they have use one evil way or the other to hijacked your destiny, and the things belongs to you. They have determine not to return it back to you, even some of them have celebrate and make it known to the people that they have been hijacked your inheritance. 

Dear Friends, as God end the work of Adonijah and restored back the kingship to Solomon, God is going to do such for you today.


1. Remember and accept that you have inheritance

2. Obey the counsel of Prophet - today message from God through Pastor Mike Omoasegun 

3. Seek God intervention - 1 Kings 1:15-21

4. Allow the Prophet of God to assist you - 1 Kings 1:22-27

5. Confront the manipulator with divine power - 1 Kings 1:51-53

6. Never surrender to manipulator, it is the manipulators that will surrender to you and fear you - I Kings 1:50


1. Thanks God for reveal the secret of manipulator to you through this message

2. My Father and my God, every power that manipulator is using to steal my inheritance, let it die and scatter by thunder of God

3. All the work and strategies of manipulators over my life, business, job, work, inheritance and marriage is over and expire today in the name of Jesus 

4. Every hands of manipulators on my business, marriage, inheritance and job is hereby cut by the sword of God in Jesus name 

5. I recover all my inheritance that the manipulators have hijacked from me through dreams in Jesus name

6. I send the arrow of sudden death to the camp of the satanic agents that manipulate my inheritance, they were hereby scatter and die by the thunder of God in Jesus name

7. I recover the throne of greatness that belong to me which the manipulators have took from in Jesus name

8. As from today henceforth, I reign over all my enemies, and all the manipulators in Jesus name

9. Every celebration that the manipulators of my destiny have celebrated is hereby turn back to them as sadness and sorrow in Jesus name


War Against The Evil Marks


Bible Reading: Genesis 4:9-15

Different happen for different purpose. Cain be a brother of Abel received a mark from God that hinder him from be kill from anyone. This mark was placed on him so that no man or woman touch him. 

The Bible make it clear in Ezekiel 9:4-6 that: "And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof. And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity: Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house."

I will like us to take note the words in blue colour, "but come not near any man upon whom is the mark". In order words, no man or woman should come near anyone that the mark is place. 


1. The MARK is place where it can be see - forehead

2. The MARK is hinder any man or woman to close or come to those that have the MARK

3. The MARK is working for people in the sanctuary and outside sanctuary - In order words, both Believers and non-believers can have such mark.

4. The MARK is a sign of separation - separation from good things or separation from bad things - Exodus 12:7, 13

5. The MARK is hinder anyone to touch you


My focus on today's Prayer Bombs is War Against the Evil Mark, in other words, there are mark of evil working against the children of GOD. I could remember, a sister who had evil mark in her body, she could not get married until age of 45 years, because every man that seen her run from her. When man comes to talk with her for marriage, they have to left her within a week because of the evil mark.

Many are experience failure and disappointment in their business, job, work, academic, marriage and social living as a result of the evil mark on then.

Evil mark cause man and woman to remain stagnant - no positive result in anything they does spiritually, physically, and socially or academically.

Evil Mark cause people to hate and run away from you. Instead to assist and help you succeed, the reverse is the case, they reject and forsake you. No matter how jovial you are, the evil mark will only show you as a wicked to your helpers.

Evil Mark disallow your helpers to locate or remember to do you good. Instead for people to allocate good and best things to you, they will be allocate you nothing.

There is no doubt, EVIL MARK work against every destiny and purpose of every man or woman.


Satan and his agents are the one using evil mark to work against the people of God. Many have contaminate with EVIL MARK through wears they borrow from their friends. 

Many received EVIL MARK through eating in the dream, eating in ceremonies, eating with occultist group. 

Many received EVIL MARK through gifts like money, materials things like wristwatch, clothes, shoes, etc. 

Many received EVIL MARK through make-up, attachment of nails, hair, teeth, etc.

Many received EVIL MARK through association or group they joined - 1 Corinthians 15:33

One can contaminate with EVIL MARK through hands shaking with evil people.


1. Born Again experience- You must be born again, no negotiation in this. John 3:35-7

2. Confess and Repent all your sins and evil doings - Luke 13:3, 5

3. Dissociate and separate yourself from any evil association or group 

4. Never follow any man or woman to any where you don't know

5. Don't eat every food given to you. Daniel 1:8-ff

6. Addicted in study the word of God and fervent prayer on daily basis

7. Wash and shock yourself into the blood of Jesus


1. Confess all your sins unto God, ask for forgiveness

2. Every EVIL MARK place on me that hinder me to progress, terminate by the Blood of Jesus

3. I pray that every evil MARK place on me that hinder me to succeed terminate by the Blood of Jesus

4. Every EVIL MARK that stop my  progress to greatness, you are liar, die and terminate by the blood of JESUS

5. Every EVIL MARK that subtract me from greatness, or add my to victim of failure, is hereby terminate and expire by the Blood of Jesus

6. Every good things that the EVIL MARK have took away from me, is hereby restore back in hundredfold in Jesus 

7. EVIL MARK of failure, evil mark of sadness, evil mark of barrenness, evil mark disappointment, evil mark of sickness, evil mark of afflictions, evil mark of infirmities, evil mark of working but no profit and evil mark of gathering but scattering working in my life, marriage, business, job, work and family is hereby terminated and destroyed by the Blood and fire of God in Jesus name, say amen 7 times.



Everybody talks about sex. The media promotes it through adverts. Some institution supports it as a means if abstinence cannot be done through the useof contraceptives. Sex now involves an activity that can be carried out between two or more persons. In recent times, discussions about sex usually raise an eyebrow among the discussant. No one would want to talk about his or her sexual life in the public because the act is sacred - private. Except for the morally loose people who are not shy to discuss their sex life, it is meant to be a sanctified act between only two people who are legally married as the Creator originally designed it. Is having sex a crime? Why am I told to wait until I get married? God has his answer to the question and the devil also has his own explanation. This would bring us to the truths and lies about sex.

Lie #1: Rather than abstain you can indulge, just be faithful to one partner (Premarital Sex)

Truths: God has given each and every one of us the willpower to do and not to do. However, there is a provision of grace upon you when you set your mind not to indulge in sexual acts until marriage. Do you know the harm it brings is more than the pleasure derived? To a lady that engages in premarital sex, first, it may lead to unwanted pregnancy and if you think you
are smart, you go for abortion, which is murder. Secondly, you may become victim of sexual transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, staphylococcus, syphilis and other diseases; guys too are not spared. Guilt, shame and emotional bondage will creep into such life. Immediately after the act, the guy gets dissatisfied and starts looking for another avenue to explore
making him to be looking for another bed mate (fornication). Are there any gains in premarital sex or abstinence? Count both cost.

Lie #2: If you don't want to practice premarital sex, try masturbation or use sex toys Truths: Since the media are now encouraging the use of sex toys, it has become an eye opener for people as an alternative to having sex. Those who masturbates often become addicts the act even when they are married. The females excite themselves with candles, vibrators and likewise the males with their fingers. These, in the long run become a spirit to battle with. They lose their loved ones as a result of the act. Damage to their sexual organs is inevitable. The females would have their womb damaged due to incessant use of the toys. There is lack of concentration as a result of the act in the minds of the perpetrator. The judgment of God is fierce upon on all whore mongers (Heb. 13:4b).

Lie #3: Don't think you are immortal; everybody is doing it, even... Truths: When all the nations and languages of the earth, all bowed to the idol of Nebuchadnezzar, the three Hebrew boys; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did not compromise their faith in God (Dan. 3). In this generation, where it is believed that everybody is having sex, you can be among the millions who are not defying their bodies. They still choose to remain a chaste even when it is not encouraged, an old fashioned or seem impossible. The next sexually pure person can be you. Believe you can do it and God will give you the grace. It saves you from emotional trauma, heart breaks and evil soul ties. Do we still have people who have not bowed to the
world's image of premarital sex? Make yourself available.

Lie #4: It is better to watch sex films or see explicit pictures (pornography) than to practice sex Truth: Well, it may have sounded true if Christ had not told us that "Whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart" (Matt. 5:28).

One thing about what we feed our mind with is that they tend to pollute and corrupt our entire being. Watching sex films, would increase one's sexual urge to commit the act. Nothing motivates a person to have sex other than what he/she has programmed into the mind relating to sex. Pornographic materials usually get one's attention from focusing on productive things. It ruins marriages and breaks relationships. When you feed your mind with obscene items; the heart is corrupt.

Lie #5: You cannot be satisfied with a partner throughout your married life (Extramarital affairs) Truth: "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled, but whore mongers and adulterers will God judge" (Heb. 13:4). God will judge them because they have polluted their marital beds and altered His original plan for marriage when He instituted it.

However, the bible told us that, "But godliness with contentment is great gain" (1 Tim. 6:6). There is nothing as good as deriving happiness with a wife that you exchanged marital vows with. When bundles of promises are made, dozens of fantasies are created and love is promised to be kept. How disastrous would it be if all these ends unfulfilled?

Extramarital affairs makes their children to have divided upbringing, single parenting and lack of parental care. They become divorced, separated and their homes become broken resulting from infidelity, adultery and lack of trust.

Lie #6: Since you are told not to have sex, kissing, petting, fondling, romancing, hugging, necking, smooching is not that bad

Truth: "Flee also youth lusts" and "abstain from all appearances of evil" (1 Tim. 2:22;1 Thess. 5:22). 
All the aforementioned acts would gravitate towards sexual intercourse. The devil is so smart that when petting starts, before you know it, kissing suffice, fondling and smooching comes into play not too long, and however, romancing is not far from committing the act. There is no need to start a race that you cannot finish, neither is it good to embark on a journey that you are not ready for.

Lies are distorted or altered truths which lacks ingenuity. Many people have been lied to, living their lives in falsehood. This has daring consequences on their marriages and relationship. Do not allow anybody to deceive you by joining the band wagon of sexually loose people. Chastity can still be achieved in this corrupt world. Dare to be different. Sexual purity has no effect on your life and marriage. It is a culture that is worth embracing and can be achieved. Do not believe these lies. Seek to know the truth and the truth shall set you free from the consequences of ignorance.
by (Mayowa Adeniyi) .

Deliverance From Chain Hostage



Bible Reading: 1 SAMUEL 30:16-31, Matthew 11:28-30

Today Prayer Bombs is focus on breaking the chain that hold you hostage. There are different kinds of chain that the Satan and his agents are using to hold people captivity. There are chain of:

- sickness
- late marriage
- oppression
- depression
- lack of conception
- barrenness
- infertility
- joblessness
- bad dream - eating in dream, sex in dream, bathing in dream, etc
- exams failure,visa failure
- disappointment
- lack of money
- lost of memory
- untimely death

When someone had been chain in one of the above, such life is miserable, sadness, and unbearable. Thousands of people are under chain which must be break today. Before you engage yourself in today's prayer bombs, you MUST:

1. Discover the chain that hold you captive. Know or identify your problem

2. Seek Jesus and handover the situation unto Him  

3. Confess your all your sins and wrong doing that may have led to the chain in your life.

4. Addicted in serious and fervent prayer


1. I confess all my sins before you oh God, forgive me and wash me clean with the precious blood of Jesus

2. Every chain that hold my business, job and work is hereby declare breaking in the name of Jesus

3. The joint chain that terrorizing my life is hereby cut by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

4. I lose from the chain of sickness, oppression, depression in the name of Jesus

5. In the capability of God's Power, I am free from the chain of disappointment, lack of conception, barrenness, infertility, and joblessness in the name of Jesus

6. Today, I am deliver from the chain of bad dream - eating in dream, sex in dream, bathing in dream, etc in the name of Jesus

7. As from today henceforth, I am FREE and NOT under the chain of exams failure,visa failure, lack of money, and lost of memory in the name of Jesus

8. Every chain that buried my destiny and glory, die and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

9. Every chain of untimely death hold me, be break by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

10. Every arrow shoot unto me and my business that caused me to be chain is hereby get out of me and go back to sender in the name of Jesus

11. Every good things that chain have took away from, I recover them all by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

12. Every chain that hold my marriage, children and spouse captive die and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name



If you are in serious business and you want rejection to end or expire in your life, you must be serious with these 3 special days of financial breakthrough and follow the rules stated below:


Please just go for 3 days prayer. 

First day, knock yourself in a room and do not see sun till evening, 

Second day, pray from 12 midnight till 2am naked, and 

3rd day you will knock yourself in the house like the first day. 


1. The heaven of breakthrough that have been closed against, LORD in your mercy open it for me.     

2. In your mercy and uncommon favour, forgive me all my sins against you  and wash me with your precious blood in Jesus name    

3. My God and my Lord, in your mercy remove the hands of rejection from my life and my ministry in Jesus name.     

4. Lord and my god let your uncommon favour of blessing locate me this week.  

5. Every power that is operating under the sun working against my blessing, fruitfulness, die and scatter by thunder of God.   

6. Every power that hold me captivity die by thunder of God with fire in Jesus name

7. Every anti-financial breakthrough against my life and business, work, job and career, die and scatter by thunder of God in JESUS name

8. Every anti-business breakthrough in my business, work or job, you are  a liar, die and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name.

9. Any sign or mark of rejection place in my forehead, fore-door of my office, shop or place of work be remove and terminate by the Blood of Jesus 


Recover All



Bible Reading: 1 SAMUEL 30:1-12

For everything there is time and purpose. David lost everything in his house to the enemies that invaded his city. But David encouraged himself in the Lord he believes. 

David consulted God for the next step. "And David inquired at the LORD, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all." 1 Samuel 30:8

Our God is faithful to His promises to those that seek Him wholeheartedly. David pursed his enemies and he recover everything that took away from him. The same God that fought for David is alive today, and is ready to cause you recover everything you have lost to the enemies, lost to the army robbers, lost to the 419, lost to the sickness, lost to the power of darkness, lost the political engagement/rivals, lost to the enemies in the house and enemies outside the house, and lost to your boss or follower. 


As David encourage himself in the Lord, you also must encourage yourself in the Lord. To encourage yourself in the Lord means hope in the Lord, believes in the Lord, rely and abide in the Lord, because HE remain faithful to His promises.

Also, David consult God in prayer. David make himself available in the presence of God despite the condition he was by then. The only place you can be in order to be free from the power and forces that hold you captivity is to be in the presence of God.

Thirdly, give the one in your hand to assist, support and feed people around you. David fed the young boy he met in the battle with the food and water that he have. 1 Samuel 30:11-12. You must be a tither- pay your tithe in fullness, never cheat or rob God. Share the one you have with people around you - 1 Samuel 30:23-24


1. Every power that hold my possession, you are a liar, die by thunder in the name of Jesus Christ 

2. Everything that I have lost to the hands of the 419, I recover all back in the name of Jesus Christ 

3. You the agent of demon that polluted my possessions, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus Christ 

4. As from today henceforth, any power stand on my way to greatness shall receive instant judgement of God in the name of Jesus Christ 

5. All the road block place before my achievement, scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus Christ 

6. Earth here the word of God, you are created in the 3rd day of creations, any human being walk or siting on you that hold my possession, as from today earth start working against such person in the name of Jesus Christ 

7. Sun here the word of God, as from now on, start affecting those that sit on my possession for evil in the name of Jesus Christ 

8. The wind that blow from the East, South, North and the West, start blowing against everyone that hold my possessions captive in the name of Jesus Christ 

9. I possess all my possessions that devil have took away in the name of Jesus Christ  


Deliverance From the Forces of Stagnant



Bible Reading: DEUTERONOMY 1:1-8

The journey of 11 days took the children of Israel 40 years. Instead to move forward, they move backward. Instead to go straight, they were going round. They growth in age but NOT grown in gain. They lived in stagnancy and achieved the same thing for 40 years. Nothing goo and positive to show off. They engaged in bitterness, fruitless, and failure for complete 40 years.

Thousands of people are in the same shoe with the Israelite, growing in age but not grow in grace. They are stagnant and not ready to achieve good and positive things in this world. They had been caged by the forces and power of stagnant. They had been hindered by the evil hands of wicked. Every business they do will result in fruitless, they had been in different colleges or university but no certificate of graduation. Such people are starting well of anything they do, but they end in failure, stagnant and fruitless. They lives in wants and in need without provisions.

They had been captivity and caged with sickness, poverty, infirmities, afflictions, sadness, sorrow, and sudden death. 

Dear friend, the situation you are today has expire date, and today is the expire day for it. The house you have started some years back shall be complete this year in Jesus name. That admission you have been struggles to get, God will give it to you this year. the sickness that had been your regular customer will expire today and pack its load in your life. Failure and disappointment you have been experience will expire today.

The Almighty God that commanded the people of Israel to depart from their stagnancy, He is still alive and is commanded you NOW to get out of your stagnant point. He has the power to take you out of your stagnant, He has a place of purpose that is taking you to. But you MUST ready to:

1. Obey Him and surrender to His Lordship

2. Follow Him and never look back

3. Tell Him your situation, never hidden your problem or challenges from Him

4. Worship,serve and glorify Him all the days of your life.


1. Confess all your sins and ask God to forgive you and wash you clean with the Blood of Jesus 

2. Every hands that keep me stagnant, die and cut off by the sword of God in Jesus name

3. Every chain of stagnancy in your life, business, job, family and marriage is hereby destroy by thunder of God in Jesus name

4. Every pity of stagnancy before me, is hereby closed by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name

5. Every evil hands that joined hands together in order for me to be stagnant, is hereby scatter by the bombs of God in Jesus name

6. In the capability of God's Mighty Power, I free from the cage and prison of stagnant in the name of Jesus 

7. In the name of Jesus, I recover every good things and my possession that the forces and power of stagnant have hold captivity in the name of Jesus 



Topic: Deliverance from Dream Destroyers

Bible Reading: PSALMS 91

Satan and his agents has different ways and different forms in operation against human being mostly the Christians - people of God. One of such way is attacking people in dreams. Thousands of people life had been waste through dream destroyers. Many could not lives and fulfill their divine destiny because they had been hijacked by the devil and his agents through dream.

I have many cases on different people how they were manipulated through dream, while many destiny and glory had been destroyed when attacked through dream. Have heard about a sister who engaged sex with snake in the dream and when she wake up, she started walk like snake.

Many could not pregnant because they have been attacked through dreams. Many business had been render useless and become unprofitable due to dream destroyers. 

Beloved, today's prayers bombs is NOT for everyone, but for certain people that desire to be free from Dream Destroyers. Today prayer bombs is going along with FASTING called DRY or WHITE FASTING. In order words, you will only eat FRUITS today. Do not eat anything cook with fire. If you can obey this instructions, today's prayer bombs will change your story and cause you to be where you should be in God's Master Plan.


1. Every dream destroyers, I come against you in the name of God who answereth by fire, therefore, loose me and let me go in the name of Jesus 

2. All dream destroyers assigned against my life, you are a liar, die and scatter by the thunder of God in the name of Jesus 

3. Every evil seeds of limitation planted in me through dream, be uprooted by the thunder and fire of God in the name of Jesus 

4. Every evil hands that is feed me evil food through dream, die and scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 

5. In the name of Jesus and in the power in the Blood of Jesus, I vomit every evil seeds planted into my body through dreams in the name of Jesus 

6. All the Satanic gathering and meeting against my life, marriage, business and job that is carried out through dream, I send fire and thunder to your midst in the name of Jesus 

7. With fire and thunder of God, I silence every voices of darkness pronounce into my life, business, job, academic, and marriage through dreams in the name of Jesus 

8. In the capability of God's Almighty Power, I am totally free and deliver from the camp of the dream destroyers in the name of Jesus 

9. My children, my wife/husband, my business/work is hereby set free by thunder of God from the camp of sickness, failure, limitation that devil has placed him through dream in the name of Jesus 




Bible Reading: Matthew 21:18-22, 13:24-26

One of the incidents that shook me mostly is the tree that withered after the curse that Jesus pronounced on it. The tree was stand by the road side, and everyone passing by seen it, but not useful for them. The tree only occupied the road. The attention of the Savior of the world on this tree is something that we must make use of in today prayer.

There some evil trees within and outside you who could not bear you good fruits or profits you, rather hinder you to progress or achieve what God have destiny for you. You may not know that there are trees planted in your life, business, marriage, family, education even in your spiritual life. 

The Bible makes it clear that Jesus testified it that there some trees than can be planted which is NOT from God; and such trees must be wither and burn. Matthew 15:13, John 15: 1-2


1. All trees that covered my glory are withered in Jesus name.

2. Any fig trees that hinder me to get marry is withered in the name of Jesus.

3. All trees that covered my blessing are withered in Jesus name.

4. All trees that send me backward from good thing are withered in Jesus name.

5. I command the evil tree planted in my generation that did not allow me to do good thing in life be uprooted by thunder in the name of Jesus.

6. All trees that mantle on the road to my glorification are withered in Jesus name.

7. All strange trees that did allow me to have rest of mind are withered in Jesus name.

8. All trees that planted replace my position of glorification be withered in the name of Jesus.

9. All trees that planted on the sky that hinder me to succeed are withered in Jesus name.

10. All trees that planted at the stream of river to my life are withered in Jesus name.

11. All the strange trees that cause sickness to my life and my family are withered in Jesus name.

12. As Haman died on the death tree he has planted for Mordecai, O God, let those who planted evil tree for me to die with the tree in the name of Jesus.

13. All ways that the powers of darkness follow to plant the strange trees into my life and my business, job, family and education are block with the Blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

14. The entire tree planted to cover my helper not to locate is withered in the name of Jesus.

15. All the strange trees that have wasted my life for many years are withered in Jesus name.

16. All the strange trees that stand by the road to my destiny are withered in Jesus name


Deliverance From The Evil Power that Working in the Day and in the Night





1. Surely GOD shall deliver me from the snare of the Fowler, and from the noisome pestilence in the name of Jesus

2. In God's unlimited mercy and favour, He shall cover me, my marriage, business, and family with His feathers in the name of Jesus

3. In my going and going out, the wings and the truth of GOD shall be my shield and buckler in the name of Jesus 

4. In the capability of God Mighty Power, I shalt not be afraid or afflicted for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day in the name of Jesus

5. No power or forces of the pestilence that walk in darkness and the destruction that waste at noonday shall have power over my life, business, job and marriage and academic in the name of Jesus 

6. No matter the evil that the terrorist plan either in thousand ways by the day and ten thousand at night against my nation shall be scatter by thunder and bomb of God in the name of Jesus 

7. In God's unfailing love and mercy, I shall only see the reward of my enemies and  their wickedness will fall upon them in seven-fold in the name of Jesus. 

8. Because I have made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, my habitation; there shall no evil befall me, neither shall any plague come nigh my dwelling in the name of Jesus 

9. God will give and commissioned His angels charge over my family, business, job and academic and keep me in all my ways in the name of Jesus.  

10. Every spirit, power and mission of lion and dragon against my life, marriage, business, job, and work shall be scatter and destroy by the thunder and fire of God in the name of Jesus 

11. Because God has set His love upon me, therefore He will deliver me and keep my marriage strong and fruitful in Jesus name 

12. In God's mercy and love kindness, He will set me and take me to the high place of honour and glory in the name of Jesus 

13. As long that I call upon God, He will answer in His love and mercy and deliver me from the trouble in the name of Jesus. 

14. God will grant me a long life and satisfy me with joy of salvation in the name of Jesus. 


Overcoming The Voices of the Enemies




1. Every garment of shame and reproach remove from my body in Jesus name

2. Every evil saying of my enemy on my issues terminate by the power of God

3. God silent all the evil voices of my enemy in Jesus name

4. Every force of the enemy fighting and confronting me die in Jesus Name 

5. Every Goliath fighting me in the dream Father destroy them by fire in Jesus name 

6. Every power causing delay in my life fall down and die in Jesus Name 

7. Every power of limitation working against me breakthrough die by fire

8. Holy spirit accelerate me to the top in Jesus Name 

9. I refuse to die this year no matter what my enemy try to do to me in Jesus name 

10. Father help my unbelief in Jesus name  





The greatest thing that you need to experience full change and transformation of lives is heaven to open for you. But it is sad news that thousands even millions of people are lives under close heaven. Our today prayer bombs is focus on open heaven which I believe it will lead to living testimonies around the globe.


There are many things that happens when Heaven Open, some of them are:

1. The Rain fall -Genesis 7:11-12. When heaven open, rain fall and the rail water the earth which lead to germinating of plants, weeds, etc. i.e. it leads to fruitfulness.

2. The Angel of God descending and ascending - Genesis 28:12, 17. the angels of GOD will come down and bring good-news to you. The angel will come down and take away any hindrances to your breakthrough as he did to Daniel.

3. God Advertise and ANNOUNCES you around the world which no man or organization can do - Luke 3:21-22. If God announces and advertise your business, the entire world will accept it and buy it.

4. God pour you a blessing - Malachi 3:10

5. God terminate curses and rebuke devourer - Malachi 3:10-11

6. The Spirit of God will descending upon you - Matthew 3:16


1. You Must be Born Again and full of the Holy Ghost -Acts 7:55

2. Full Obedience to the word and voice of God - Genesis 7:11

3. Holy Crying Unto God - Acts 7:55, Col, 3:1-3

4. Be a Tither - Malachi 3:8-10. Make sure you always pay your tithe in full.


1. Thanks you O Lord for today message and prayers of Open Heaven.

2. My God and My Lord, in your mercy open the windows of heaven upon me and my family in Jesus name

3. In your mercy, God open heaven of your blessing upon me in the name of Jesus 

4. My God, send down your power into my life for transformation and fruitfulness in my doing, business and academic in Jesus name

5. My God and My Lord, as from today henceforth, terminate every power and forces of devourers that is working in my business, job, and work in Jesus name

6. Every door of heaven that has been closed against my business, and my work, I command it to open in the mercy of God in Jesus name


Deliverance From The Power and Forces of Suffering




Suffering is one thing that people experience on daily basis. Suffering from the hand of the enemies is what David experience throughout his youth age. Any where he goes, he encounter suffering and affliction from the enemies. King Saul make sure he suffered David on several occasions purposely to make David useless and not relevant, but David suffering result to greatness. 

Any suffering you are encounter today is NOT the end to you life, rather is a step to greatness and fulfilling God's purpose for your life. Suffering does NOT means failure, rather it is open door to fruitfulness that God has for you.

Suffering means experience sorrow, bitterness, affliction, setback, hindrances, etc. Your suffering today is a solution to your tomorrow success. When you are experiencing or engaging in suffering, it means preparation for greater thing.


1. Every bondage of suffering affiliated with my name, die and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

2. Every forces and power of suffering assigned to my life, break by the power of God and render useless by thunder of God in JESUS name

3. Any forms of suffering in my marriage is hereby expire today by the  thunder of God in Jesus name

4. Every seeds of suffering planted into my business, job, work, is hereby uprooted by the thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

5.As from today henceforth, I will not lives under any covenant of suffering in the name of Jesus 

6. Every good things that suffering hindered from be mine, I collect them back in hundredfold in Jesus name

7. Suffering you are NOT my friend, leave me alone in the name of Jesus 

8. I possess the divine power of God to free from the power of suffreing and afflictions in Jesus name


Secure What You Desire, With What You Have




There is no doubt in it that, you desire to be great, you want your story to be change, you are praying so that God can bless and increase you. Your blessing and fruitfulness is base on your actions and principles of God's blessing.

David, our focus in today's Bible reading is a man that just sent out where he lives, and he encountered destruction of properties, and the enemies took his wives and children captivity. He was in a position and situation where his hope have lost and only seem death around him. He determined and take steps of pursuing his enemies. 

In order for David to know the location where his enemies kept his properties and wives and children, David gave bread and fed the man that will lead him to his enemies camp. The little food he gave the man open door for David to locate his lost possessions.

Dear Friend, learn to give and support the work of God. Let it be your habit in sowing seeds to the ministry and man of God that praying for you. The little seed you plant to the ministry that you are blessed through will not only open door for you, but take you where you should be and possess all the possessions that belong to you.

Jesus said: "Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again" Luke 6:38

David fed the man and his weeping and sorrow ended. Practice giving on daily basis.  


1. Every door of breakthrough that has been closed against me, be open by the power of God in Jesus name

2. I recover every lost glory in fullness in JESUS name

3. The thunder of God is hereby send to the camp of my enemies that hold my possessions captivity. 

4. I render every forces of wickedness and enemies that hold my possession and blessing useless by the thunder of God in Jesus name

5. The door of unlimited blessing and fruitfulness is hereby open by the mercy and uncommon favour of God in Jesus name 

6. The Blood of Jesus, break every hand of evil that hinder my success and breakthrough in the name of Jesus.  

 7. In the capability of God Mighty power, I possess and restore back every good things that have been taken away from me through me wrong doings in the name of Jesus. 

 8. Every chain and forces of setback working against me is hereby destroy and terminate by the power in the Blood of Jesus Christ..  

 9. My God and my Creator, visit me today and do divine operation in all aspect of my life and bring back to me the glory you created with me in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayers For Mercy and Forgiveness

PRAYER POINTS FOR ANOTHER 3 NIGHTS: Read Psalm 51. Then pray these prayers: 

1. My God and my Father, forgive me all my sins and wrong doings, wash me clean with your precious Blood in the name of Jesus.  

2. Every mark and sign of wrong doings pasted in me, wash away by the Blood of Jesus  

3. My God, in your mercy, set me free from every chain and captivity that hold me through me sins and wrong doings in the name of Jesus. 

4. The Blood of Jesus Christ, break every yoke of sins that hold slavery in the name of Jesus.  

5. The Blood of Jesus, break ever
y hand of evil that hinder my success and breakthrough in the name of Jesus.  

6. In the capability of God Mighty power, I possess and restore back everything good things that have been taken away from me through me wrong doings in the name of Jesus. 

7. Every chain and forces of setback working against me is hereby destroy and terminate by the power in the Blood of Jesus Christ..  

8. my God and my Creator, visit me tonight and do divine operation in all aspect of my life and bring back to me the glory you created with me in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Thanks you Jesus, thanks you God for answers my prayers in Jesus name I prayed.


Operation Remove the RoadBlock





1. Every power of sin that is blocking me breakthrough, is hereby terminated by the Blood of Jesus 

2. The roadblock mount on my way to greatness is hereby remove by the thunder of God in Jesus name

3. The heavenly caterpillar is removing every roadblock that mount by the witch and wizards of my family house in the name of Jesus 

4. In the capability of the Almighty Power, every roadblock to my promotion is hereby dismantle by the thunder of God in Jesus name

5. Every roadblock that assigned to put me to shame, you are a liar, die and scatter by the thunder of God in Jesus name

6. Every forces of wickedness assigned to destroy my nation, you are a liar, die and scatter by the bombs of God in JESUS NAME

7. Roadblock of my destiny, what are you waiting for, scatter by the thunder of God in Jesus name

8. Every destiny hijackers, you are hereby declared dead by the thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

9. Enough is enough to every satanic agents assigned to hijack my glory, destiny, marriage, promotion, appointed, child, breakthrough, I hereby declare end to their existence in the name of Jesus 

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